Starting Over: Downsized — But Not Down And Out

In the previous post, I mentioned that the ModernMarriedGuy and I are at the point where we are starting over with our lives, and to tell you the truth, as hard and as scary as it sometimes is to be at this point, it’s also pretty darn exciting to have the opportunity to start it all from scratch — and the opportunity to do it smarter and better.

So, in the spirit of sharing and information exchange, I am beginning the Starting Over series here. I want to be able to share the lessons I have learned about smart and sensible living. Continue reading


Starting Over

So our story is the same as everyone else’s: Boy meets girl over internet, chats with her for 10 days and falls madly in love — sight unseen. Asks girl to marry him.

Girl decides she likes what she hears, and, six months later, takes him up on his offer.

One whirlwind weekend trip to Vegas and the deed was done. No muss, no fuss.
No bridesmaids dresses.

That was ten years ago.

Fast Forward: One stint in the Army, a deployment to Iraq, moves to Germany, North Carolina, Texas, California and Arizona, multiple  jobs, cars, dogs, apartments and houses later…

We lost it all. Continue reading

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